Sebastian Kunzle


Sebastian Kunzle, affectionately known as Seba, is a highly skilled acquisitions professional with an extensive background in the real estate and construction industries. Currently serving in the role of Acquisitions at TAL Realty, Seba plays a vital role in identifying and securing valuable residential properties.

With a sharp eye for market trends and a deep understanding of property valuation, Seba excels in analyzing potential investment opportunities and negotiating deals favorable to all parties involved. 

Seba’s expertise lies in conducting comprehensive market research, identifying distressed properties, and establishing strategic partnerships with our key stakeholders – homeowners. His exceptional relationship-building skills and effective communication enable him to navigate complex transactions and overcome challenges throughout the acquisition process.

Seba earned his reputation in the real estate industry through his dedication and expertise. Prior to joining TAL Realty, he held various positions where he gained valuable experience in construction management, real estate feasibility studies, and more recently as a structural engineering consultant. His past experience provides him with a solid foundation in understanding the most fundamental aspects of real estate acquisitions.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Seba embraces a passion for sports, travel, and outdor activities. An avid “pure boxer”, fisherman, and general nature enthusiast, he actively takes delight in sharing his passions with those around him. 

With his extensive knowledge, exceptional negotiation skills, and unwavering dedication to real estate, Sebastian Kunzle, Seba to us, continues to help us push for TAL Realty’s success by identifying lucrative opportunities and expanding the company’s portfolio through acquired properties.

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