Art’s Transmission

TAL Realty’s current location, which was converted from an old local transmission shop. We tried to leave some of history in tact.

Acquired in 2006 – the flagship location of TAL Realty Inc. sits right on historic ROUTE 66, near downtown Albuquerque. The property was the longtime location of local business Art’s Transmission. Aided by architect Trev Elliston, Art’s was transformed from a working auto shop into a modern day investment real estate brokerage. A laboring creation of removing lifts, old scrap metal, and a lot, we mean a lot of elbow “grease” the building was born again. The old Art’s always had a sign up that read “1,000,000 transmissions sold (more or less)”. Through our remodel, the tradition carried on – we started counting our real estate transactions. After thorough accounting we may conclude…Tal Realty has closed 1,000,000 transactions, (more or less).