Albuquerque man runs 102 miles, raises money for CNM students

Albuquerque man runs 102 miles, raises money for CNM students

An Albuquerque runner completed an ultramarathon, where he ran more than 100 miles straight; He’s also helping New Mexico students along the way. “I don’t consider myself a big runner,” said Adam Trubow, of Albuquerque. But he is an ultramarathon runner. In August, he completed his fourth 100-mile run.

“It was the from Durango, Colorado to Silverton, Colorado,” he said. “On the a hundred-mile distance you don’t take breaks, you go straight through. This race had a forty-hour cut-off…Had over 20,000 feet of elevation gain.”

He finished the race in about 37 hours and 54 minutes. While it’s a great personal feat, Trubow is also hoping it helps get others steps ahead in life. “There’s no better investment than in someone’s education,” said Trubow.

Through a site he started called ‘100 Friends For 100 Miles,’ Trubow, a University of New Mexico graduate, raised more than $21,000 for Central New Mexico Community College.

“Coming out of the pandemic, you see a lot of employment issues for local businesses. New Mexico, historically has had a lot of talent leave the state post graduating…A lot of blue-collar workers, a lot of nurses come out of CNM and they stay rooted in the state post-graduation,” he said.

CNM said it is ‘overjoyed’ to receive the donation and said the money will go towards student scholarships. Trubow said he hopes it open doors for potential students who may not have the means otherwise to attend college.

“Anytime, you can create those educational opportunities for locals to stay in the state and become part of the state in a higher education workforce, it benefits, it benefits everyone,” he said. “It’s a win-win.”

Trubow said he hopes to grow his ultramarathon donation effort and plans to raise money for CNM again next year.

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