Alameda Self Storage

This 120 unit self-storage facility sits in an excellent location with retail development on the rise. TAL Realty and partners purchased, improved and currently manage this property.

Status Sold
Land 1 acre (approximate)
Storage Units 120
Additional Info Managers Apartment, Cell Tower Lease
Alameda Storage is a 120 unit self-storage complex that had been placed in a receivership for several years.  Upon acquisition of the units vacancy was 80% .  Partnering in a joint venture with Brent Freeze of Blue Sky Capital, the self-storage units were stabilized and turned around.  The building now boasts a polarizing red color, the management apartment has been completely remodeled, security fencing upgraded, and a much higher technology of entrance/exit gates installed.  The Property sits in an amazing area with retail development on the rise, including the new arrival of Dick’s Sporting goods.  If held on to long enough, Alameda Storage should make excellent pad sites in the not too distant future.