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TAL Realty, Inc. is a local New Mexico real estate business founded in 2003 in Albuquerque, New Mexico by President and Qualifying Broker, Adam Trubow. Currently, TAL Realty, Inc. has four active brokers practicing in all spectrums of real estate throughout New Mexico from conventional real estate transactions to investing in distressed properties.

TAL Realty, Inc. is an industry leader and specializes in the acquisition of rights redemption, note purchases, and purchase of large scale distressed properties.

TAL Realty, Inc.’s clients and business associates include delinquent home owners, attorneys, trustees, asset managers, first time home buyers, small business owners, and many other investors. The diverse client base allows TAL Realty, Inc. work in many different types of transactions relating from conventional real estate to distressed properties.


Our team has a wide range of specialities in all spectrums of real estate throughout New Mexico – from conventional real estate transactions to investing in distressed properties. Click on each of our team members above to learn more!


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My husband and I recently bought a 1952 home from Adam’s company that was completely renovated, from the inside plumbing and electrical to the outside stucco. We can’t say thank you enough to him for everything he did to make it a great home. We’ve bought and sold several homes over the years and this was the easiest process we’ve ever experienced. First off, clearly he cares about his properties and the quality of work his team puts out there to make the customer happy. He was professional and genuine, far exceeding our expectations for a realty company. We wouldn’t hesitate to call him in the future. Thank you Adam & the TAL Realty team!

Carla Gertner

Like many other people in the recession of 2008, we lost our jobs and income and were forced to let our house go into foreclosure. That’s the last we heard of it until 2021, when we received a call from Patrick McBride at TAL Realty. Due to unusual circumstances, our old home was up for auction again and we still had Redemption Rights he informed us. We had since moved out of state and didn’t have the funds or desire to redeem the property and Patrick made us a generous offer to purchase our rights and complete the redemption by TAL Realty. Well, it took a few months to clear the court process, but shortly thereafter we received our check in the mail. I would highly recommend Patrick and TAL Realty for anyone who finds themself in foreclosure. He is informative, honest, stays in touch throughout the process and does what he says he will do. In today’s business world that is a revelation. Thanks again Patrick. Respectfully, Greg Campbell.

Greg Campbell

Patrick at AOL went to the bank the evening of the auction to deposit money in my checking account, so that I would have it for Christmas! True to their word, I received money back after my home was foreclosed on by selling my redemption rights. During a difficult time in my life when I had lost my job and could not cover my bills, TAL Realty provided me with much needed cash. They gave me the opportunity to earn money back from the sale of my home that I would otherwise not have received. Patrick was kind, respectful, and very professional. He answered all of my questions- I had a lot- thoroughly and with patience. It has been hard for me to lose my home. It makes me feel better knowing that it will be fixed up and taken care of, something that I was not able to do. TAL is helping to get the utilities turned on and the money that I received will allow me to hire movers. I am so grateful to have found TAL. If your home is in foreclosure contact TAL! They made a bad situation so much better! I highly recommend them. Thank you Patrick.

Dawn B
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